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Dr. Ka-Wai Kwok

Associate Professor

B.Eng, MPhil (CUHK), 
DIC, PhD (Imp Lond)

Tel: +852-3917-2636
Email: kwokkw@hku.hk
Webpage: @Croucher

Ka-Wai Kwok received the B.Eng. and M.Phil. degrees from Department of Automation and Computer-aided Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003 and 2005, respectively. He obtained the Ph.D. degree in computing from the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Department of Computing, Imperial College London in 2012. He is currently an Associate Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Prior to joining HKU in 2014, he was awarded the Croucher Foundation Fellowship, which supported his research jointly supervised by advisors in The University of Georgia, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. His research interests focus on surgical robotics, intra-operative image processing, and their uses of intelligent systems. He has been involved in various designs of surgical robotic devices and interfaces for endoscopy, stereotactic and intra-cardiac catheter interventions. To date, he has co-authored with over 40 clinical fellows and over 80 engineering scientists. Many of his invention patents (>5) have been licensed or transferred from university to his medical industrial partners in support for their commercialization.


Dr. Kwok's multidisciplinary work has been recognized by various international conference/journal paper awards (>10), e.g. the Best Conference Paper Award in 2018 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). He also became the recipient of the Early Career Awards 2015/16 offered by Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, as well as the IROS Toshio Fukuda Young Professional Award in 2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), for his contributions to the advancement of MRI-guided robotic systems. He serves as Associate Editor for IROS 2017-20, ICRA 2019-21, Frontier in Robotics and AI, and Annals of Biomedical Engineering (ABME), Proc. IMechE Part I: Journal of Systems & Control Engineering (JSCE) and IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM). He is the principal investigator of Group for Interventional Robotic and Imaging Systems (IRIS) at HKU.

Senior Research Fellows

Dr. Angel Siu-Yan Ng

Project Manager

B.Sc (HKU), M.Sc, DIC (Imp Lond), PhD (HKU)

Email: angelngs@hku.hk
Research Interests: Fabrication of Nanomaterials; Electrodeposition; Photochemical Etching and Forming

Joe Ka-Ming Hui

Senior Research Fellow


Email: joe107c@hku.hk
Research Interests: Quantitative Finance; Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Xiao-Chen Xie

Post-doctoral Fellow

B.Eng (HIT), M.Eng (HIT), PhD (HKU)

Email: xcxie@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Control theory; Intelligent Systems; Process Monitoring

Dr. Jin-Rong Liu

Post-doctoral Fellow

B.Eng (SYSU), PhD (HKU)

Email: liujinrjason@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Control Theory; Intelligent and Networked Systems

Dr. Bo-Hao Zhu

Post-doctoral Fellow

B.Eng (HIT), PhD (HKU)

Email: zhubohao@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Control Theory; Intelligent Systems

Dr. Xiao-Mei Wang

Post-doctoral Fellow

B.Eng, MEng (HIT), PhD (HKU)

Email: wangxmei@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Learning-based Robotic Control; Continuum Robot Control; Medical Robotics

Dr. Chen-chen Fan

Post-doctoral Fellow

B.Eng, MEng (HIT), PhD (HKU)

Email: fancc@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Control Theory; Intelligent Systems; Periodic Systems

Becky Tik-Sze Chung 

Project Officer


Email: btschung@hku.hk

Justin Di-Lang Ho 

Senior Research Fellow

B.Eng (UQ), M.Phil (HKU)

Email: jdlho@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Medical Robotics; Image-guided Surgical Navigations; Fiber-optic Shape Sensing; Minimally Invasive Surgery

Research Fellows

Kui Wang

PhD Student

Email: kuiwang@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Soft Robotics; Medical Robotics; Shape Sensing Technology

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Chim-Lee Cheung

PhD Student

Email: zardchim@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: MR-safe/conditional Robotic Systems; MR-tracking Devices

Jia-Ren Xiao

PhD Student

(Co-Supervised with Prof. James Lam)

Email: xiaojr@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Intelligent Systems; Graph Neural Network

Jing Dai

PhD Student

Email: u3006581@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Robotics; Intelligent Systems

Rong-Ying Xie

PhD Student

Email: ryxie@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Robotic Mechanism Design; Surgical Robotics

Libaihe Tian

PhD Student

Email: lilytl@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Robotics

Hon-Sing Tong

MPhil Student

Email: u3527192@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Image-guided Surgical Navigations

Paul Wang-Tsun Ng

Research Assistant

Email: wtngme@hku.hk

Research Interests: Robotic Actuation and Control


Ge Fang

PhD Student

Email: fangge@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Image-guided Robotic Control; Medical Robotics


Zhuo-Liang He

PhD Student

Email: hezl@hku.hk

Research Interests: Robotic Mechanism Design; Surgical Robotics

Owen Yui-Lun Ng

PhD Student

Email: ngyuilun@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence; Medical Image Analysis

Ying-Qi Li

PhD Student

Email: liying77@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Surgical Robotics; Intelligent Systems

Meng-Jie Wu

PhD Student

Email: mengjiewu@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Robotics; Intelligent Systems; Embedded Systems

Yifeng Hao

PhD Student

Email: haoyf@connect.hku.hk
Research Interests: Robotics

Chi-Hin Mak

MPhil Student

Email: jason_mch19@connect.hku.hk

Research Interests: Soft Robotics

Matthias Kong-Yin Pun

Research Assistant

Email: punkyin@hku.hk

Research Interests: Hydraulic Actuation and Control


Alan Wai-Lun Tang

Dr. Peggy So-Sum Leung

Dr. Kin-Chung Denny Fu

Janet Zhang Si-wei

Wen-Hao Jiang

Jia-Rong Song

Dr. Zi-Yang Dong

Dr. Zi-Yan Guo

An Qu

Martin Chun-Wing Leong

Brian Tao

Dr. Brian Kit-Hang Lee

Dr. Brian Tse

Vincent Hui

Marco Chow

Michelle Lo

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Dr. Chun-Fai Ng

Kun Hao

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